Pickled Courgette

My new favourite accessory when it comes to pickled vegetables. They fit well into a delicious bacon cheeseburger, the house&#

Buttermilk Dressing

Incredibly easy and delicious dressing that’s ready for use in no time BUTTERMILK DRESSING 2 DL BUTTERMILK 1 TBSP. 2% YO

Pickled Red Onions

I use these as an tangy accessory for tortillas and tacos … or generally just where a little sweet-sour taste is needed.

Homemade Hollandaise Sauce

A classic which is good to have in your repertoire, it is easier to make than a bearnaise sauce, but tastes just as good. HOME

Garlic Butter

I’m a big fan of garlic bread, I just love it and it’s too rare that I actually bake it myself. Though, it is not

Homemade Bearnaise Sauce

This is the best of the best. And then it’s really healthy, 4 egg yolks and 250 g butter, yes, you heard right, 250 g bu

Homemade Butter

  Butter makes the difference, you should not be afraid of it and use plenty of butter. In addition, it is easy to make a

Pickled Beetroots

Pickled beetroots. Great accessories that have just the right balance of sour and sweet. It does not require much to make, jus

Homemade Ketchup

Ketchup is an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen, so why not try to make it yourself? As with so many other items on the

Chili & Mexican Spice

  Inspired by this page and is much better than anything you can buy. Here you can choose how strong it should be. I made


Mayonnaise is something you usually have as part of the kitchen’s pantry. I don’t usually have the habit of making

Homemade Whisky Sauce

It’s incredibly easy to make this sauce, maybe 10-15 min. of time spent and then you have a tasty and delicous sauce. It