Homemade Butter


Butter makes the difference, you should not be afraid of it and use plenty of butter.
In addition, it is easy to make and if you have a stand mixer, even easier.
If you make your own butter you can also decide how much or how little salt is needed, whether it is spiced butter or garlic and can get it all the way you want it.
So buy some cream on the way home and try it on bread, biscuits, in the food.


Put the cream in stand mixer’s bowl and start whipping the cream, or use a hand mixer with a whisk.

Whip the cream for whipped cream and then continue past that.

The cream will begin to clump and separate into whey and butter.

Finally, the butter hang onto the whisk.

Put the butter in a tea towel and squeeze out the last whey.

Season with salt and chill the butter, ready for use.

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