Valentine’s Day Tart with Rosé

This year I wanted to play with the classic flavours of Valentine’s Day: chocolate, sparkling wine and strawberries. So

Passionfruit Tart with Red Berries

I made this tart a few years ago for a party at work, but thought that it could do with an update. PASSION FRUIT TART WITH RED

Pumpkin Pastries

This is the recipe for perhaps the easiest hand pies, you could make this Halloween, filled with nutella or jam. And because t

Pink Galaxy

Take a trip to outer space with this pink tart, filled with salted caramel brownie and topped with raspberry ganache and sprin

Lemon Tart with White Chocolate

An incredibly gooey and incredibly sour dessert, not to forget incredibly delicious. LEMON TART WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE 10-12 SER

Caramel Tart with Peanuts

Not much is happening in my tiny kitchen at the moment, especially because the baking euphoria is gearing up for December. Thi

Liquorice Galette de Rois

A puff pastry with marzipan filling. Not much more need to be said about this pie, which tastes great with a coop of vanilla i

Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

Small, almost bitesized tarts that ooze with the sour-sweet glory lemon meringue. A crispy tart shell filled with tart lemon c

Mini Millionaire Tarts

Small bites of salty and sweet caramel with chocolate and a crispy shell, just for an afternoon in the summer weather. But be

Strawberry Tart with Elderflower Cream

A cake filled with the taste of summer. Strawberries and elderflower go well in hand. Instead of vanilla cream, I have chosen

Strawberry Tart

I do love eating a piece of a good strawberry tart. One of the tradional danish versions calls for a mazarin cake with a dark