Battered Chicken

For New Year’s Eve, our menu consisted of various historical dishes, which we initially prepared as close to the origina

Danish Creamed Cabbage with Carrots

Classic old fashioned danish comfort food. Creamed cabbage is great as an accessory for all the meat favorites: meatballs, por

Baked Onion Rings

Delicious crispy onion rings with a fantastic dip, perfect as a small starter or a snack. The recipe can easily be multiplied,

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

I found a variation of this recipe online and just had to try it, I love the kind of chicken pie they make them in England and

Garlic Butter

I’m a big fan of garlic bread, I just love it and it’s too rare that I actually bake it myself. Though, it is not

Garlic Bread

Bread with garlic butter, it’s just the best. And when it’s homemade, you can decide how much butter to put on. Th

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

I adore soup and thought I would try out a soup I haven’t made before and with an ingredient I haven’t used before

Green Pea Soup with Curry Mayonnaise

Super easy and fast soup that can easily be used as a starter. Double the portion and you get an equally delicious main course

Lamb with Roast Potatoes and Pea Purée

I don’t eat lamb that often, but when I do, I always think it should be extra delicious. Therefore, the lamb is accompan

Beef Stroganoff

This stew is for the long cold evenings, pure comfort food and with a warmth from the paprika, which heats your body. If you h

Beetroot Soup with Bacon

A super delicious way to use beetroot and make a huge portion so the remains are used, it can be frozen like all my soups. The

Homemade Ketchup

Ketchup is an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen, so why not try to make it yourself? As with so many other items on the