Spinach Roulade

Delicious, easy and healthy dish for the lunch table or as an appetizer, the filling can be variated to your liking. It should

Potato Roulade

If you are having a lot of guests for dinner, why not try this roulade? It is a great recipe to make a little go a long way. A

Quiche Lorraine

A Quiche Lorraine is light and delicious for lunch with friends and family. It also tastes good cold when the guests have gone

Homemade Burger

One of the best things you can sink your teeth into is a home-made burger, from scratch. And it’s perfect for those hot

Cheesy Rolls with Manchego and Chorizo

These light and delicious rolls begged me to bake them the other day. I had chorizo ​​and a manchego cheese in the fridge.

Tomato Tart with Feta and Mustard

A delicious pie as an side dish for lunch or dinner, it can also be used as a small starter. Tomatoes, mustard and feta in int

Leek Pie with Creamed Carrots

Healthy and delicious, stuffed with vegetables … the recipe itself only uses leeks, but the filling can be varied indefi

Oat and Buttermilk Pancakes with Cheese

I had some leftover buttermilk and cheese in the fridge and thought about what I should use it for, the buttermilk was origina

Cheesy Rolls with Ham

I am in love with cheese snails, they are perfect as snacks for lunch and are not too heavy, this edition plays a bit on the c

Open Burrito

Burritos is an easy and delicious way to get vegetables, meat and bread. So when I fell over a recipe for homemade tortillas,

Minced Pork Lasagna

Mmmm, lasagna. There is something like pure nostalgia abiut this dish, my mother once made lasagna when I was a child. But I w

Broccoli Soup

A nice light green soup that looks good during the long winter evenings, and you get a sense if spring just looking at it R