Spiral Cookies

Crispy and sweet cookies with a hint of oreo cookies and peppermint. SPIRAL COOKIES 20 COOKIES LIGHT DOUGH:  SEEDS OF 1/4 VAN

Melting Moments

As the name suggests, these cookies melt on your mouth, they taste great, especially with chocolate. These cookies do not take

Vanilla Specier

Crisp cookies, without any frills and special flavours, just filled with butter and vanilla. VANILLA SPECIER 50 COOKIES 125 G

Linzer Cookies

This year I wanted to try some Christmas cookies from other parts of the world, and my choice fell on the Austrian Linzer Auge

Soul Cakes with Chocolate

It won’t be long until Halloween comes around. The one night a year when the veil between this world and the next is at


Small crispy cookies with almonds and pearl sugar on top. The cookie itself is not full of flavor, so I’ve added a littl

Chocolate Specier

Crisp and chocolate-filled cookies that melt on the tongue and goes straight to the tummy. CHOCOLATE SPECIER 50 COOKIES 125 G


Der lå en lille pebernød på kagekassens bund. Den trillede og trillede, fordi den var så rund. Men pludselig sprang låget

Lemon Specier

Crispy and citrus flavoured biscuits for the coming Christmas days. The original recipe did not have lemon juice, but I think


Brunkager is a Danish Christmas tradition and my dad happily consumes a truck load each year. So I tend to make him some for w

Vanilla Cookies with Almonds

At Christmas time I almost always want to devour every vanilla cookie I see. Because, who doesn’t love a crispy biscuit

Cookies with Puffed Rice

I baked these cookies yesterday to celebrate my newly renovated kitchen. Crispy and crunchy are the key words. With dark choco