Nutella Lava Cake

It doesn’t take many ingredients to create a wonderful dessert. Especially not this lovely chocolate-filled cake, where

Strawberry Sorbet with Milk Chocolate

Summer is upon us here in Denmark, which means that it’s Ice Cream time in my little kitchen. With a few ingredients you

Brownie with Salty Liqourice Syrup

Chocolate and liquorice is popular in my little home and with good reason. Sweet and salty. So why not try it in a brownie, bu

Brownie with Biscuit and Caramel

This is the quick version of my “twix” brownie, but with a crumbly biscuit instead of a crisp buttery shortbread.

Salted Caramel Brownies

It has taken me some time and many attempts, but I have finally found the brownie that I could eat batches upon batches of for

Elderberry Juice

When the elderberries are dark red and beautiful in the late summer, it’s time to pluck as many as you can. The berries

Elderflower Cordial

The scent of summer, is the scent of elderflowers. They herald the summer heat and the sun. I chose to rinse my flowers, even

Raspberry Liqueur

This liqueur, like the schnapps, is a good addition to the Christmas and Easter feasts, but also excellent to use in desserts.

Raspberry Schnapps

This schnapps is good to have on the Christmas or Easter tables. It has a nice raspberry flavour and a bit of sweetness from t

Hot Chocolate

Oh, a cup of hot chocolate, it’s pure comfort. Just be careful that you don’t burn your tongue trying to drink it

Mulled Apple Cider

Christmas time bring the cold, and mulled wine is a good thing at that point, if you like red wine. Not me, though, so I

Homemade “Baileys”

Homemade Baileys is actually very easy. It doesn’t even take more than a few minutes to mix together and all you need is