Gingerbread Houses

“Når en peberkagebager bager peberbagekager…” This year was going to be it. I had to bake a gingerbread hou

Liverpaté with Apples and Bacon

The scent of freshly baked liver paté is the stuff of Danish nostalgia, especially at Christmas. You can make the entire batc

Apple Turnover Anno 700

This recipe is inspired by 17th century recipe of æbleskiver. In the Renaissance before the advent of the round æbleskiver,

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread, like many other cookies, have a long history behind them … or the name does anyway. They are found as early


Jødekager; A small cookie with a history dating back to the 19th century, it might have resembled the cakes that were baked b


So! Only one week until Christmas and still much to be done before you can relax on the couch, completely stuffed with good Ch

Cold Rise Æbleskiver

As soon as I come close to December, I have to have my favourite Christmas food … namely, Æbleskiver. In the past when

Rice Pudding Pancakes

Rice pudding pancakes are small chubby things that taste damn good with a bit of marmelade and icing sugar. They are made from

Rice Pudding

Traditional Scandinavian Rice Pudding and if you make more than you can eat, the leftovers can be turned into Rice pudding pan

Chicken Salad Spread

This salad spread is a stable in many Danish lunches, preferably on rye bread in an open faced sandwich, Smørrebrød. The sal

“Dejlig er den Himmelblå”

This floedebolle is inspired by a classic, Danish Christmas carol. “Dejlig er den himmelblå” by N.F.S.Grundtvig.


I alredy have one Christmas floedebolle with cinnamon and apple, however one is definitely not enough. This one carries the na