Der lå en lille pebernød på kagekassens bund. Den trillede og trillede, fordi den var så rund. Men pludselig sprang låget

Curried Herring

For every Christmas lunch…or Easter lunch….or just evey lunch in general, there should a bowl of curried herring o

Advent Wreath

A delicious bread for the late weekend mornings, filled with cinnamon, raisins, succade and apple. ADVENT WREATH 15 G FRESH YE

Lemon Specier

Crispy and citrus flavoured biscuits for the coming Christmas days. The original recipe did not have lemon juice, but I think

Chicken Liver Paté with Apple and Bacon

A lighter alternative to liverpaté made on pork liver and chopped lard. Extremely delicious with pickled red beets on top, as

Christmas Star with Nutella

Happy 3. Sunday of Advent. Last sunday I gave you the recipe for a delicious homemade nutella. And today you get a recipe wher

Gingerbread Swiss Roll De Noël

Happy 1st Sunday of advent. Honeyed gingerbread cake is one of my very favourite Christmas recipes and one of my favourite tre


Brunkager is a Danish Christmas tradition and my dad happily consumes a truck load each year. So I tend to make him some for w

Lucia Buns

Today is the 13th of December, it is Lucia Day, the celebration of Christian Light and Hope. At this time when it’s dark

Vanilla Cookies with Almonds

At Christmas time I almost always want to devour every vanilla cookie I see. Because, who doesn’t love a crispy biscuit


No Scandinavian Christmas without risalamande. Accept no substitutes. It’s just not the same, if you ask me. Remember if

Peppernuts Anno 1703

This recipe is from 1703 and is absolutely delicious and crispy, with a  caramelized flavor, because of the brown sugar. The