Apple-Caramel Blondies

A gooey, caramel-tastic, chocolate dotted and apple-licious blondie, ready for a scoop of vanilla ice cream. APPLE-CARAMEL BLO

Brownie Doughnuts with Salted Caramel Glaze

Doughnuts, a heavenly little mouthful, with my favourite flavours of brownie and salted caramel. This batch was for my niece&#

Nutella Cake

Three ingredients and you have a cake. Nutella is already a mixture of fat, sugar and chocolate, so there not much to add to m

Brownie with Raspberry Mousse

My colleague celebrated her 60th birthday recently, so we needed a delicious cake for the breakroom. This was the result. BROW

Pink Galaxy

Take a trip to outer space with this pink tart, filled with salted caramel brownie and topped with raspberry ganache and sprin

100% Dark Chocolate Brownie

I have been fortunate enough to receive some 100% locally produced dark chocolate from my aunt, which she dragged home from he

Rocky Road Brownies

Crispy, salty, sweet and soft, not to forget the utter gooeyness. A brownie with salt caramel in the middle and stuffed with c

Mint Brownie Doughnuts

Yesterday it was my last day of work before a week’s vacation and therefore I brought a holdiday snack for my colleagues

Brownie with Salty Liqourice Syrup

Chocolate and liquorice is popular in my little home and with good reason. Sweet and salty. So why not try it in a brownie, bu

Brownie with Biscuit and Caramel

This is the quick version of my “twix” brownie, but with a crumbly biscuit instead of a crisp buttery shortbread.

Salted Caramel Brownies

It has taken me some time and many attempts, but I have finally found the brownie that I could eat batches upon batches of for

“Twix” Brownie

The already amazing brownie just got even more amazing. The addition of salted caramel and crisp shortbread biscuits makes it