Passion Fruit Cheesecake

A delicious, light and tangy cheesecake with nuts and crunchy biscuit base, perfect for a hot summer day. PASSION FRUIT CHEESE

Christmas Cake with Orange, Hazelnut and Chocolate

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually, really baked, but it’s not always easy with a full-time job and a

Nutella Cake

Three ingredients and you have a cake, that was at least the idea with ​​the original recipe. It’s been a few years

Valentine’s Day Cakes

A small mousse cake with creamy passion fruit caramel, sinful brownie and velvety chocolate mousse in a pink shell of velvet s

Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberry Glaze

This year I gave myself a lot of Valrhona chocolate as a birthday present, so of course the birthday cake is made with it. The

Pear Mousse Cake with Chocolate and Caramel

When you screw up, you provide screw-up- cake at work. Pretty obvious. Recently, I locked some colleagues in the staff room, s

Chocolate Biscuit Cake with Praline

I took this cake with me to work last Friday, as I was going on vacation. I thought for a long time about what I wanted to exp

100% Dark Chocolate Brownie

I have been fortunate enough to receive some 100% locally produced dark chocolate from my aunt, which she dragged home from he

Baileys Mousse Cake with Strawberries

Last Friday my fantastic manager had her last day at work, so of course there was cake on the table. BAILEYS MOUSSE CAKE WITH

Homemade “Nutella”

On the 2nd Sunday of Advent I made homemade nutella. Based on various recipes around the web, I have mixed my own chocolate sp

Rocky Road Cookies

A cookie filled with dark chocolate, hazelnuts and soft marshmallows. An extremely easy and delicious snack, you can quickly b