Liquorice Ice Cream

For those who swear by the gods of liquorice and those who love the salty version. According to my family, it can easily use e

Easter Cake with Lemon and White Chocolate

The year’s Easter cake with a fresh, tangy taste combined with liquorice and sweet white chokolade. EASTER CAKE WITH LEM

White Truffle Cake with Liquorice

This cake is a old recipe, but it has been several years since I last played with the recipe. Now it gets a well-deserved upda

French Nougat with Liquorice

I’m not a big fan of confectionery made of marcipan, but I can eat a little now and then. So when Christmas approaches,

Liquorice Galette de Rois

A puff pastry with marzipan filling. Not much more need to be said about this pie, which tastes great with a coop of vanilla i

Carnival Buns with Liquorice

Classic Carnival buns filled with remonce and chocolate, no much else is needed. CARNIVAL BUNS WITH LIQUORICE 16 BUNS DOUGH: 2

Kransekage Macarons with Nougat

This is Delicious alternative to traditional kransekage and easy to make. Inspired by Nikolaos Strangas’ recipe in the D

Salty Liquorice Syrup

A salty syrup that can be used for many desserts and gives a hit of salmiak that scorches the tongue. SALTY LIQUORICE SYRUP 20

Chocolate Lasagna

This cake is the result of a challenge from one of my colleagues. She showed me a picture and I took the hint as it was, a cho

Ice Cream Bombe with Raspberry and Liquorice

This year’s first ice cream cake, in the shape of a bomb. Make it for a party, for sunday coffee or just one evening und

Mint Chocolate Mousse with Liquorice Ganache

Delicious chocolate mousse with peppermint flavour and liquorice ganache at the bottom, or as my niece called it: “Tooth

Ice Cream Muffins with Strawberry And Mint

A delicious ice cream dessert with a slight hint of mint that does not overpower the rest of the dessert. The macaroons add a