Christmas Cake with Orange, Hazelnut and Chocolate

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually, really baked, but it’s not always easy with a full-time job and a

Apple Turnover Anno 1700

This recipe is inspired by 17th century recipe of æbleskiver. In the Renaissance before the advent of the round æbleskiver,

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting

Gingerbread cookies in a cupcake version. They are heavenly and child-friendly in taste, not too spicy, but just enough to mak

Honey Gingerbread Hearts

With less than one month till December 1st. it won’t be long until the scent of Christmas will permeate my apartment wit

Advent Wreath

A delicious bread for the late weekend mornings, filled with cinnamon, raisins, succade and apple. ADVENT WREATH 15 G FRESH YE

Christmas Star with Nutella

Happy 3. Sunday of Advent. Last sunday I gave you the recipe for a delicious homemade nutella. And today you get a recipe wher

Gingerbread Swiss Roll De Noël

Happy 1st Sunday of advent. Honeyed gingerbread cake is one of my very favourite Christmas recipes and one of my favourite tre

Lucia Buns

Today is the 13th of December, it is Lucia Day, the celebration of Christian Light and Hope. At this time when it’s dark

Honey Cake with Buttercream

I love honey cake. Full stop. Though it’s mostly reserved for Christmas. Now, I’ve tried a few recipes, mostly of

Cold Rise Æbleskiver

As soon as I come close to December, I have to have my favourite Christmas food … namely, Æbleskiver. In the past when