Cold Rise Wheat Buns

Tomorrow is the night before the Danish holiday St. Bededag. A day where several old holidays have been merged into one day. I

Poppy Seed Rolls Anno 1880

I love the scent of freshly baked bread with poppy seeds sprinkled over the crust. It is especially these rolls that I love. I

Swedish Semlor with Raspberry and Chocolate

The other version of this years shrovetide buns with flavours of marzipan, raspberry and chocolate. If you’d rather want

Swedish Semlor

My best friend has been begging me for years, wanting me to bake semlor, every time I brought up the word shrovetide/fastelavn

Cold Risen Poppy Seed Twists with Marzipan

It’s been a while since I’ve baked bread, so when I invited the family to brunch and bubbles on my birthday, it wa

Brioche Burger Buns

Pillowy soft burger buns that take some time to make. But they are worth it when you take the first bite. BRIOCHE BURGER BUNS

Shrovetide Buns with Apple and Caramel

Tart apples and salted caramel give these buns an incredibly delicious taste. When the caramel becomes hot during baking and o

Shrovetide Buns with Chocolate

Filled with dark chocolate and topped with chocolate glaze, you are well prepared for shrovetide. SHROVETIDE BUNS WITH CHOCOLA

Shrovetide Buns with Apple Cinnamon Jam

Easy way towards a delicious filling, use a teaspoon of your favourite jam in the middle of the bun. Here I have used the appl

Advent Wreath

A delicious bread for the late weekend mornings, filled with cinnamon, raisins, succade and apple. ADVENT WREATH 15 G FRESH YE

Giant Cinnamon Bun

This is a “cake” you should definitely make if you like cinnamon buns. Plenty of gooey filling, which is balanced

Garlic Bread

Bread with garlic butter, it’s just the best. And when it’s homemade, you can decide how much butter to put on. Th