Christmas Cake with Orange, Hazelnut and Chocolate

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually, really baked, but it’s not always easy with a full-time job and a

Nisse Caps

Merry 3. Sunday of advent. This year’s Christmas floedebolle hides beneath a nisse cap made of coloured white chocolate

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting

Gingerbread cookies in a cupcake version. They are heavenly and child-friendly in taste, not too spicy, but just enough to mak

Apple Mulled Wine

The cold winter calls for something hot. If you make a mulled wine syrup, it can be stored in the refrigerator, which you can

Honey Gingerbread Hearts

With less than one month till December 1st. it won’t be long until the scent of Christmas will permeate my apartment wit

Honey Glazed Ham

A large and juicy ham is always a show stopper on the dining table and for most of the cooking time it doesn’t need much

Chicken Liver Paté with Apple and Bacon

A lighter alternative to liverpaté made on pork liver and chopped lard. Extremely delicious with pickled red beets on top, as

Gingerbread Swiss Roll De Noël

Happy 1st Sunday of advent. Honeyed gingerbread cake is one of my very favourite Christmas recipes and one of my favourite tre


Brunkager is a Danish Christmas tradition and my dad happily consumes a truck load each year. So I tend to make him some for w

Pickled Beetroots

Pickled beetroots. Great accessories that have just the right balance of sour and sweet. It does not require much to make, jus

Honey Cake with Buttercream

I love honey cake. Full stop. Though it’s mostly reserved for Christmas. Now, I’ve tried a few recipes, mostly of

Gingerbread Houses

“Når en peberkagebager bager peberbagekager…” This year was going to be it. I had to bake a gingerbread hou