Carnival Buns with Biscoff and Passionfruit

This year I wanted to try my hand at making small carnival buns using choux au craquelin. I have seen them several times aroun

Luxury Carnival Buns

Tomorrow is Shrovetide or Scandinavian Carnival and this year, with all the mouth-watering photos on instagram, I threw myself

Swedish Semlor with Raspberry and Chocolate

The other version of this years Carnival buns with flavours of marzipan, raspberry and chocolate. If you’d rather want t

Swedish Semlor

My best friend has been begging me for years, wanting me to bake semlor, every time I brought up the word shrovetide/carnival

Carnival Buns with Apple and Caramel

Tart apples and salted caramel give these buns an incredibly delicious taste. When the caramel becomes hot during baking and o

Carnival Buns with Chocolate

Filled with dark chocolate and topped with chocolate glaze, you are well prepared for shrovetide. CARNIVAL BUNS WITH CHOCOLATE

Carnival Buns with Apple Cinnamon Jam

Easy way towards a delicious filling, use a teaspoon of your favourite jam in the middle of the bun. Here I have used the appl

Carnival Buns with Lemon Curd

Soon, Shrovetide or Carnival is upon us and that means filled buns on the table. Absolutely and without a doubt. And they shou

Liquorice Galette de Rois

A puff pastry with marzipan filling. Not much more need to be said about this pie, which tastes great with a coop of vanilla i

Carnival Buns with Liquorice

Classic Carnival buns filled with remonce and chocolate, no much else is needed. CARNIVAL BUNS WITH LIQUORICE 16 BUNS DOUGH: 2

Carnival Buns Anno 1837

For Shrovetide or Carnival this year I wanted to try out an old recipe for fastelavnboller with a few changes and mixed two re

“Black Cats”

So Halloween was a while ago and I had planned to have these kitties on the blog before then. But the recipe wasn’t exac