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Raspberry Liqueur

This liqueur, like the schnapps, is a good addition to the Christmas and Easter feasts, but also excellent to use in desserts. You could use it for a raspberry-tiramisu, perhaps?  Or you could soak your layer cake sponges with the liqueur for a moist layer.


300 g Sugar
300 g Raspberries
700 ml. Vodka

Put the raspberries in a large jar with a lid. If you use frozen raspberries, heat them at least 2 min.

Add sugar and pour the vodka over the top, seal the lid and shake the jar. Put the jar a dark and dry place for at least 2-3 months.

Shake well, once in a while, until the sugar has dissolved.

After the three months are up, filter the schnapps through a sieve lined with a coffee filter. Do this preferably two times, to remove any impurities.

Add more vodka to taste, if it’s too sweet, and more sugar if it’s lacking in sweetness.

Save the discarded berries and use them in cakes and desserts.

Store the liqueur in sterilised bottles for another 2-3 weeks and after that in a cool place.

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